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The Buyer Experience


The Buyer Experience

Naomi Selick

With her rich local knowledge and her expansive world view, Naomi Selick brings an enormous depth of experience to each of her real estate transaction...

With her rich local knowledge and her expansive world view, Naomi Selick brings an enormous depth of experience to each of her real estate transaction...

Mar 21 4 minutes read

Home buying, especially if it's your first home, is one of the toughest and biggest decisions you will ever make. Beginning your search can feel like an overwhelming and nerve-wracking task.

We like to make it very easy for our potential buyers to understand the steps that we take with you in order to find your dream home!


Know the current trend from your trusted real estate websites and social media. Find out what types of houses are selling in your preferred area, doing this will give you an idea about the prices around the market and will help you set realistic expectations for your housing budget.


In finding your perfect home, consider factors such as access to transport, schools, business establishments, parks and proximity to work, family and friends, and the kind of neighborhood. Choose a home design that fits your lifestyle and budget. Coming up with a particular standard allows you to narrow down your choices and enables you to focus more on that perfect home that suits you.


After looking at the current house trend and visualizing the things that you’re looking for in your future home, another step of trimming down your choices is to consider your budget. Choose a home that you can afford.


Consider Realtors as your best friend when finding or selling a home, they will make your journey easier given the right information you give to them. So make sure that you made it clear to them your budget and set of expectations for your future home. Real estate agents can provide you with helpful information and ease the process with their buying and negotiating skills.


With the help of your real estate agent, start touring home in your price range. Cross-reference it with your list and budget, check every detail and carefully evaluate the neighborhood. Look for signs of structural damage that may need fixing and estimate the amount to be spared. Work with your agent for a considerable offer based on the housing trend and amenities of the house.


Once the seller approved the offer, prepare all the necessary documents that are required for your mortgage application, this one may come as a tedious process. Banks require a handful of paper works before your application will be approved and your real estate agent will be able to help you with a lot of things.


Congratulations, finally you’ve found your new home! This is the day where you sign all the papers for the transfer of ownership. Be sure you review all the documents and mortgage terms before signing.

Grab a bottle of champagne and toast to your new home! Congratulations, you’re a homeowner!

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